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is a charming market town in the Orne, Lower Normandy. It is the main town of a region called
Le Perche, straddling three départements in two regions. 

Those of us who grew up with the French text-books of W.F.H. Whitmarsh will remember François, the old peasant with what would nowadays be regarded as a somewhat unhealthy interest in young children, and who lived in a small town called Mortagne. He had, I remember, a cat called Mistigri. There are towns called Mortagne all over France, but the best candidate for Whitmarsh's immortalisation is surely this one, in the centre of a region entirely devoted to peasant farming.

One of my photographic tours had Mortagne as its destination – see

The glorious building in the picture is one campus of a catholic seconday school, the Lycée Bignon. What a lovely place to go to school!

For photos, see

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