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Paris: Rue de...

Ah, well, there's the problem. This enchanting little square is often referred to a 'Place de ...', but officially it's just a wider part of the Rue de ....

So what's its name? The Ville de Paris says Rue de Furstenberg, but all their maps say Rue de Furstemberg and at least one official page gives Rue de Fürstemberg. The painter Delacroix had his studio here, and it's now a National Museum. The museum's website uses Furstenberg and Furstemberg alternately and impartially.

Nevertheless, this is one of the most charming corners of Paris. One of the four trees (Tripadvisor thinks there are two, which may well be the case by now) was knocked down by a careless driver some years ago, but the replacement should have grown tall by now – unless Tripadvisor is right and Parisian drivers have got even more careless over the years.

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